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Improving the supply chain through the WFTO Guarantee System: A Guaranteed Member’s Story
“Working on this new system helped us to have our own system in place. We had to work on categorising our producers, initiate a formal monitoring process, and compile various details. We feel quite happy to achieve this.” - Association for Crafts Producers  Read more...


EU-US Trade Negotiations: 
People Have The Right To Know

The EU-US trade deal, if agreed, will be the biggest bilateral free trade agreement in history, with far-reaching impacts upon almost every aspect of life for citizens on both sides of the Atlantic. The lack of transparency around the talks is deeply concerning. Read more...

Promoting Responsible Investment and Commerce in Europe (PRICE)

WFTO is one of the partners of an exciting project supported by the European Union that will promote ethical investments among financial institutions in Europe. Read more…

Free download. Two Guides on Ethical Finance and Responsible Investment, and their interaction with Fair Trade.  

Fair Trade Marketing Course 2014 – University of York
ft_marketing_course_jpg_small.jpgLimited seats are offered for the second round of the first Marketing course for the Fair Trade sector by University of York from 12 to 14 September 2014. Following the success of last year’s event and to mark 20 years of the first Fair Trade product sold in the UK, this unique three day event will be held again in York.
Comment on the SOAS report
Though Fair Trade, in whichever way it is pursued, will never be perfect or the single solution to world poverty, fully committed Fair Trade Organisations have repeatedly proven the positive impacts of Fair Trade for millions of artisans, producers and farmers around the world. WFTO members include Fair Trade producers, exporters, importers/wholesalers and retailers which have Fair Trade at their core, build on long-term relations and focus on small-scale farmers and producers.
WFTDay 2014 Round-up

Fair Trade celebrations (fiestas, parties, fête, партия , パーティー , Feierlichkeiten) raised the global decibel on May 10 as World Fair Trade Day was celebrated with over 1,600 major events and more than 10,000 minor events uniting all Fair Trade People in a world-scale celebration. This year the festivities were focused around the movers and shakers of the movement - the Fair Trade People. The men and women who have pushed Fair Trade to become the world’s leading movement against poverty, social injustice and environmental degradation. Thanks to the thousands of producers, workers, consumers, volunteers, and even children who took part in the celebrations worldwide. 

WFTO Asia Has New Director And Home
christine_gent.jpgWFTO is happy to inform that WFTO Asia has a new director and home. Christine Gent was appointed as the new Director, and its office is now relocated to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Gent began her Fair Trade journey designing toys for WFTO member Traidcraft and has since been an active member in the Fair Trade movement, including her work for IFAT beginning in 2004 and her close work association with WFTO members such as People Tree UK and Japan. Gent has recently been involved in the new Guarantee System and is now an expert in the GS process.
EU-US Trade Negotiations: People Have The Right To Know
tipp_image.jpgThe EU-US trade deal, if agreed, will be the biggest bilateral free trade agreement in history, with far-reaching impacts upon almost every aspect of life for citizens on both sides of the Atlantic. The lack of transparency around the talks is deeply concerning. The negotiation process must be opened-up to public scrutiny. People have the right to know what's at stake.
PRESS RELEASE: World Fair Trade Day, 10 May 2014
wft_day_2014_logo_official_web.jpgFair Trade producers and the people buying their products are the real drivers of the growth of Fair Trade. Backed by promoters, advocates and hundreds of thousands of volunteers all over the globe, Fair Trade has become the leading movement promoting social justice today. World Fair Trade Day, on 10th May is a global day to celebrate this. In  six continents around the world, World Fair Trade Day will be celebrated, led by members of the World Fair Trade Organization.
We Join the Fashion Revolution Today
peopletreejpeg.jpgToday, the World Fair Trade Organization join the fashion revolution, together with ethical fashionistas, designers, models, fashion brands, and people who are fed up of irresponsible fashion. We are rising against non-transparency in fashion. Altogether we ask ‘Who Made Your Clothes?”  
Call for entries: World Fair Trade Week Logo Design Contest
WFTO and the Italian General Assembly of Fair Trade (Associazione Generale Italia Commercio Equo e Solidale - AGICES ) are pleased to announce that the World Fair Trade Week Logo Design Contest is open to all. Entries are accepted until 28 February 2014. The winning design will be the official event logo for the World Fair Trade Week celebration, which is going to take place during the Milan Expo in 2015. Final dates will be announced on this site very soon, so please check out this site regularly.
Non-compliance? Alert us!
The Fair Trade Accountability Watch allows you to report non-comliance issues of our members. More...
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