Contribute to the promotion of Fair Trade and trade justice. Be it in your community, church or school activities.

Here are some tips how you can help foster Fair Trade in your own way:

  1. Buy Fair Trade products from your local stores and supermarkets, and encourage your family, friends and colleagues to do the same.
  2. If your favourite store or supermarket is not selling Fair Trade products, ask the store manager/owner to include Fair Trade merchandise.
  3. Organise your own Fair Trade activity to raise awareness of the importance of trade justice, fair prices, fair wages, working conditions, and supporting the livelihoods of small producers.
  4. Celebrate World Fair Trade Day. Be an agent for change. Click to know more about the campaign here.
  5. Celebrate World Fair Trade Week, and participate in or follow our international activities to know what’s the latest in Fair Trade. Learn more here.
  6. Download our promotional materials here.   

Good luck, and we want to hear your success stories, too! Tell us how you promote Fair Trade so we can share your success!

Latest News

7 March 20017, Culemborg, The Netherlands - The fight for gender equality at workplaces is far from over. The recent reports by UN Women show that women in economic activities continue to suffer various forms of discrimination and unequal treatment. They also highlight that their labour force participation has stagnated[1]. This reality has mobilised the Fair Trade movement to a renewed call to action to fight, harder this time, for the rights of women, especially those engaged in economic activities.