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World Fair Trade Day - 10 May 2014
Join the celebration! Show your support to Fair Trade by celebrating with us. Visit our WFTDay 2014 page  to learn more about new App, see worldwide calendar of events and how you can publicise your WFTDay activities. Read more…


Ten large international networks of Fair Trade and Solidarity Economy organizations produced a statement on the recently held Global Fair Trade Week in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Kindly read the statement: 

(Please find the Conference Report, Photos, Videos and presentations here.)

The representatives from organizations coming from 48 different countries from five continents coming together during the Fair Trade Week, declare the following: 


1.     The context of economic crisis, mainly in several countries in Europe and North America, and the intensification of unfair and asymmetrical trade relations between countries from the north and the south that are exacerbated by bilateral and regional free trade agreements, affects the viability of the economic and social undertakings of producers and consumers linked to local, regional and global markets.

2.     We recognize that the Fair Trade and solidarity economy movement has grown and diversified at a global scale. All these initiatives and organizations are committed to work together, respecting the identities of the organizations, and the realities of each territory, to influence and generate synergies that contribute to develop fair, solidarity-based, and sustainable relationships.

3.     In an effort to gain access to markets, Fair Trade organizations initiatives have been developing diverse initiatives. Read more...


Promoting Responsible Investment and Commerce in Europe (PRICE)

WFTO is one of the partners of an exciting project supported by the European Union that will promote ethical investments among financial institutions in Europe. Promoting Responsible Investment and Commerce in Europe (PRICE): Fair Trade and Ethical Finance Responds to Global Crisis is a project that aims to raise public awareness and promote education to mobilise greater financial support on actions against poverty and for fairer relations between developed and developing countries in the field of responsible investment and commerce. Read more…

Call for entries: World Fair Trade Week Logo Design Contest
WFTO and the Italian General Assembly of Fair Trade (Associazione Generale Italia Commercio Equo e Solidale - AGICES ) are pleased to announce that the World Fair Trade Week Logo Design Contest is open to all. Entries are accepted until 28 February 2014. The winning design will be the official event logo for the World Fair Trade Week celebration, which is going to take place during the Milan Expo in 2015. Final dates will be announced on this site very soon, so please check out this site regularly.
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WFTDay 2014
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Toast to Fair Trade in Public Procurement
toast_for_fair_trade_in_public_procurement_15-jan-2013_ep_strasbourg_2.jpg15 January 2014 (Strasbourg) - The new EU public procurement rules voted today make it easy to buy fair. EU Commissioner Michel Barnier and key Members of the European Parliament celebrated this good news for Fair Trade. The new EU public procurement Directive was voted today by a large majority of Members of the European Parliament, after a political agreement reached with the Council of Ministers. The vote puts an end to the revision procedure initiated three years ago by the European Commission. Public authorities across Europe will be able henceforth to make a deliberate choice for Fair Trade products, besides taking into account other sustainability considerations. The new law confirms the direction set by the Court of Justice of the European Union in the “North Holland” case ruling (Commission vs Netherlands C 368/10), which for the first time clarified that public contracts can award additional points to products “of fair trade origin.”
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Two WFTO Members As Inspirational SMEs for 2013
coronilla_pasta-amaranto-spaguetti.jpgWFTO members captured two of the three categories of the Inspirational SMEs Awards 2013.  Selyn Exporters (Sri Lanka) and Coronilla (Bolivia) were awarded with Inspirational SME Awards for People and Profit respectively by the Dutch agency CBI or Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries on 16 December 2013. WFTO congratulates Selyn and Coronilla for joining the list of Fair Trade Organisations that demonstrate Fair Trade best practices. 
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Women Fair Trade Leaders Awarded
women_ft_leaders_small.jpg2013 was a good year for WFTO members. As the world begins to recover from the shocks of the 2008 economic crisis, interest in fair and ethical business is increasing and several leaders of the Fair Trade Movement received recognition for their work during the year. This article would like to mention, in brief, three women Fair Trade leaders who acquired high level acknowledgement for their success. Carry Somers of Pachacuti was presented with the “Outstanding Contribution Award” on 3rd December. This was the highest accolade of the 2013 Global Awards for Sustainable Fashion. Danyun’s Bitten Hogh received a prize for “bringing charm to China” by UNDP in November. She was noted for leading the very first Fair Trade company in China. What these two women have in common is their dedication to fairer practices in trade in their respective fields, spanning more than two decades.
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WTO Bali Package: A Giant Step For The WTO, A Small Step For Fair Trade
7 December 2013 (Brussels) - The World Trade Organization (WTO) agreed last night in Bali a package of measures, possibly the most significant achievement of the WTO since its creation in 1995. The package includes decisions to increase market access opportunities for farmers from Least Developed Countries, in particular cotton farmers, and to temporarily allow governments to take measures to guarantee food security, to be re-discussed in two years´ time.
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Achievements of the Fair Trade Beyond 2015 Campaign
ftao_hands_over_signatures_to_the_eu_development_commissioner1.jpgThank you for your efforts! We have achieved a lot with this campaign:  As a united movement cross globe, cross Fair Trade branch we have amplified our demands for Fair Trade and Trade Justice;  All together we managed to get signatures from 206 mayors, 124 local leaders, and 275 CSOs from 32 countries worldwide; We have brought our cause forward to the attention of the Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon, EU Development Commissioner Andris Piebalgs and various national governments e.g. France, Brazil, Sweden.
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More help needed for super typhoon survivors in the Philippines
children_asking_help.jpgChildren are on the roads asking for help, hoping for aid to come. This is the scenario in many communities where immediate aid is yet to come. Many affected areas are so isolated that relief operation has been delayed. There is also a shortage of relief goods like food, water, tents, and medicines causing people to fight each other and loot abandoned supermarkets. The impact of the devastation and the lack of immediate aid have made survivors become desperate. They need help.
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WFTDay 2014
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