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A World's First - 100% Fair Trade Chocolate Factory Opens in Christchurch
21 October 2014
Life in Christchurch, Zew Zealand is to become a whole lot sweeter with the opening of Trade Aid’s new chocolate factory in August. They will be the world's first Fair Trade Organisation to manufacture 100% Fair Trade organic chocolate. Operating from a newly fitted out commercial factory in Christchurch, Trade Aid, will offer a range of chocolate bars, Easter Eggs and, further down the pipeline, filled chocolates. “Trade Aid will be the first Fair Trade organisation actually making Fair Trade chocolate,” says Trade Aid CEO Geoff White. 
Bolivian artisans receive cash gift from Dutch worldshop
06 October 2014
All ‘Good Countries’ have Fair Trade Towns, but who’s the Fairest of them all?
01 October 2014
Human rights group decries case dismissal against suspect of killing a Fair Trade advocate
09 September 2014
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