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Geo Fair Trade Project
06 September 2011
WFTO is one of the partners of a project that will develop an information system that gives greater transparency of the producers on their commitment to improve their social, economic and environmental conditions.   

Using geographical and local data of the producers’ production environs, the Geo Fair Trade Project, aims to construct mechanisms that can trace products to its producers, to bring producers closer to the consumers, and to come up with social, economic and environmental indicators that will be derived from the information gathered through this project.

This project is funded by the Directorate General for Research of the European Commission and coordinated by the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie du Gers (CCI Gers).  It is a three-year period project that began last April 2009 and to be concluded in March 2012.  

How does Geo Fair Trade Project go about its aim?
Geo Fair Trade project will require the cooperation of Research and Technology Developers (RTD) and Civil Society Organizations (CSO) to develop new social, economic and environmental indicators based on geographical data.   

The project uses traditional traceability data and links it with geographical information to map out relevant indicators such as social and environmental issues, food safety, product quality, and sustainability.  These indicators will enable Fair Trade products to be easily identified and traced to its origin.   

Online interactive tools will be available to allow visualizing the upstream and downstream flow of Fair Trade products.  The Geographical Information System (GIS) Geoportal will provide the basis for spatial information discovery of Fair Trade initiatives, and how these initiatives will impact the economic, social and environmental conditions of producers and their communities. 

Who will benefit the project?
Fair Trade producers and the consumers will both benefit the project.  Fair Trade producers will be able to present their condition and describe how Fair Trade endeavours impacted their condition, while the consumers will have the chance to learn how their support and solidarity can impact sustainable development.  The consumers will see the direct implications of their purchasing pattern on the livelihoods of identifiable groups of producers and workers. 

Follow the case studies
In six different countries some producers groups provide data related to those indicators that can be traced to a geographical location.  
  1. The FTAK organization (India) for Cashew nuts, coffee and spices.
  2. The SONGTAABA organization (Burkina Faso) for Shea Butter.
  3. The MPANGA organization (Uganda) for dried black Tea, WFTO Member
  4. The BIO-VANILLE organization (Madagascar) for vanilla.
  5. The ATMA organisation (Ecuador) for Panama Hats, producer group of WFTO member Pachacuti
  6. The COSTAS organization (Brazil) for Coffee.
Get involved!
The public is encouraged to contribute the development of this project through active involvement.  Visit the web site of the Geo Fair Trade Project and join the mailing list and receive regular progress reports and achievements.  You can also do all or one of the following:
  • give feedbacks on the different documents prepared by the partners;
  • get in touch with specific partners to be an expert on our workshops;
  • receive the main documents of our workshops on: Sustainable Development Indicators (SDI) and the Geo Fair Trade Traceability of the selected text sites; and
  • participate in our mid-term conference in Autumn 2010 and final conference in Spring 2012.
Our partners
This project is being spearheaded by Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie du Gers (CCI Gers) with the supports of following partners:  CIRAD (Centre de Coopération Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Dévelopment), Centre Wallon de Recherches Agronomiques, ECOCERT Deutschland, SIRS (Systémes d’Information á Référence Spatiale), PAKKA, EQU’SOL, WFTO, Van Hall – Larenstein (Wageningen University), Max Havelaar France, and Coordinadora Estatal del Comercio Justo.
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