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EUROPE : World Fair Trade Organization – Europe
14 January 2011
 WFTO Europe Staff 
  • Llanos Gomez, Communication Officer
  • Abel Peña, Projects Officer
  • Luca Panfietti, Retail Officer
  WFTO Europe Board of Directors 
  • Giorgio Dal Fiume, President
  • Malcolm Curtis, Treasurer
  • Tadeusz Makulski, Secretary
  • Martin Moritz, Member
  • Sophie Tack, Member
  • Kirsten Bech, Member
  • Therese Skoglund, Member
  • Marijke Visser, Member
  • Sophie Tack, Member
  • Julie Stoll, Member 
 Contacts Garcia Lovera, 2 14002 Cordoba Spain Tel: (+34) 957.48.31.60
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