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Who can apply?
20 May 2014
We welcome applications from established Fair Trade Organisations as well as organizations that support Fair Trade. We also welcome individuals in their capacity as researchers, writers, consultants and specialists in their field who can contribute solid skills, knowledge and expertise to the other members of the network.

All applicants must already be registered (as a company) and active for at least two years.

Membership is open to:

Fair Trade Organisations 
Organisations directly engaged in Fair Trade through their trading activity. To qualify for trading membership, applicants must already be trading and have evidence of sales (domestic, export or both). To qualify for trading membership, income from sales must account for 50% or more of total income. Applications for trading membership cannot be accepted from organizations with no prior sales history.

Fair Trade Networks
Legal entities whose primary function is to serve as national or international associations of Fair Trade producers and/or Fair Trade Organisations.

Fair Trade Support Organisations
Fair Trade Organisations where trading is not the main activity (proportion of trade is less than 50% of total income). These organisations are engaged in Fair Trade indirectly through activities that promote and support Fair Trade. These activities can include business counselling, finance, advocacy or networking.

Associate Organisations
This is a special category for national or international organizations that are interested in supporting and promoting Fair Trade, inlcuding donor organisations. Organisations too young to apply also fit in this group.

Individual Associates
Individual researchers, writers, consultants and specialists in their field can support WFTO by applying for Associate membership. WFTO expects its individual associate members to be active Fair Trade supporters whose experience and expertise in their own particular field can be of practical benefit to WFTO's members.
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