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Membership Fees
24 July 2014

Application Fee

The regional office of WFTO will charge an application fee for every submitted membership application, depending on the applicationt's income (for Fair Trade Support Organisations and Networks) or sales figure (for Fair Trade Organisations). 

Sales/income in Euros

Application fee in Euros

< 135.000






> 5.000.000


Please contact administration[at] for more information on this handling fee.

Annual WFTO Fee

The annual WFTO fee is based on annual turnover, membership type, and regional fee where applicable. WFTO distinguishes the following membership types: Fair Trade Organisation (trading), Fair Trade Networks, Fair Trade Support Organisations and Associates.

Download the annual fee structure 2014 here: WFTO Annual Fee Structure 2014

Please note: The invoice is payable in Euros. If members have not sent the Secretariat copies of their most recent audited financial statements, their subscription will be calculated on the assumption that their sales figures have increased by 10% since the previous year.

To calculate your fee accurately, your organization must provide the latest financial report to administration[at]

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