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Call for applications: 6th International Fair Trade Youth Meeting “Tuttounaltrocampo”
21 February 2012

The Italian World Shops Association is accepting applications from young people to participate in the 6th International Fair Trade Youth Meeting, to be held in Arezzo, Italy between September and October 2012 (10 days, date to be announced soon).

 A participant explaining a presentation.       
                                       Photo: Tuttaunaltracosa

Young people from different international Fair Trade Organizations (and also students or young Fair Trade consumers) will discuss issues related to Fair Trade. The meeting will take place during “Tuttaunaltracosa” fair, Assobotteghe's  annual convention, which will also showcase Italian Fair Trade. The fair attracts more than 40,000 visitors per year (see


Program of the meeting

The camp program is split into two parts. The first part, about a week, the group will discuss the role of Fair Trade in our global economy, and in the second (the last 4 days, coinciding with the fair) everyone will attend and help the Tuttaunaltracosa.


During the discussion, participants will be able to share their experience on Fair Trade. This is an opportunity to hear stories of Fair Trade from various corners of the globe. Besides that, participants will touch pressing issues on Fair Trade in the discussion. The key themes are: how to assess the impact of the projects on producer’s livelihood, the certification process, and the relation between producer and consumers.


The participants will also assist in the Tuttaunaltracosa fair, like manning Fair Trade booths, which can include some manual work. During the fair, everyone will also have the opportunity to follow thematic speeches and workshops on responsible tourism, ethical financing and many others.


 A youth participant helping a fair exhibitor.
                                                Photo: Tuttaunaltracosa

The meeting is residential. This means that both the participants and the staff will live together in a guesthouse. Duties as cleaning and cooking will be shared among the group. The staff is currently working on the details of the program. It will be announced here soon or write the organizers on the email provided below.


How to participate to the meeting

These are the requirements to be considered for this call for application:

-         be between 21 and 29 years old;

-         have some previous experience in the field of Fair Trade (such as volunteer in a Fair Trade Organization or students who have done research on Fair Trade);

-         send us a CV and a motivation letter;

-         endorsement from a Fair Trade Organization.


The application, including CV and the 2 letters, must be send us not later than the 15th March 2012 at 3 pm (+1GTM time) at campo[@]


Hoping to see you in Arezzo.


(The Italian World Shop Association and Tuttounaltrocampo staff)

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