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21 July 2014

Do you want to support the Fair Trade movement? There are lots of things you can do! There are a few suggestions below. If you have any queries, please get in touch with the WFTO Secretariat .

Get in touch with Fair Trade Organizations in your area

WFTO is made up of many FTOs and you are free to trawl our Members Lists to find the one nearest to you. Many of these organisations look for volunteers and/or donations to help with their work. Some even offer special programmes for supporters, such as the Traidcraft Traders scheme.

Buy Fair Trade Products when you can

Fair Trade products are more readily available than ever before. Most major supermarkets in the North now offer Fair Trade food products. If your local supermarket does not, please ask them to consider stocking Fair Trade items.

You can also buy Fair Trade handcrafts and other non-foodstuffs at Fair Trade shops. Please look through our Members Lists to see who your local Fair Trade Organisation is.

We are often asked how a consumer can tell if the product they wish to buy is Fair Trade. 



Celebrate World Fair Trade Day

World Fair Trade Day is held on the second Saturday of May and is a chance for Fair Trade Organisations to celebrate the movement they are in and to draw attention to their cause. To find out more about WFTD please visit the official World Fair Trade Day site.

Look out for Fair Trade campaigns you can join

There are a number of other charities and not-for-profit organisations that support Fair Trade and run campaigns for trade justice. Please go to our Links page to find out more.

Get involved in Fair Trade Towns

Fair Trade Towns is a community-based campaigning initiative for Fair Trade. See here.

Make a donation to WFTO

WFTO generally funds its work through membership subscriptions. However, if you wish to make a donation, click here.

Non-compliance? Alert us!
The Fair Trade Accountability Watch allows you to report non-comliance issues of our members. More...
Find a Supplier
Looking for Fair Trade
products or suppliers? 

Want to know more about the
WFTO Guarantee System?

What can you do to promote Fair Trade? More...