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WFTO 2013 Biennial Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
27 February 2013

The next biennial conference of the WFTO and WFTO 2013 AGM will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from 25th to 31st of May 2013. Please mark these days on your agenda. Dialogue with Brazilian Government agencies has started, which are interested to WFTO in organizing this event.


wfto_global_rgb.jpgThere is a proposal on the table to invite other international Fair Trade network organization to hold their own event, i.e. a board meeting, seminar or other kind of assembly in Rio the same period in which the WFTO conference will take place, and declare Rio de Janeiro as the "Global Fair Trade Capital” for one week. There is also a proposal, to open this week with a one day international Fair Trade Conference with all international network organizations together, and the following days each international network continue with there own program.

Brazilian authorities have expressed interest also, to organize an international Fair Trade Fair. Negotiations are going on with Brazilian public authorities and dialogues have started with different international Fair Trade network organizations in order to make this al happen.

Details of the WFTO conference and other events in Rio will be announced soon, so please watch this space.

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