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re-wrap Celebrates 10th Anniversary
01 December 2012

2012 marks the 10th anniversary of re-wrap.  It has been a decade filled with challenges, discoveries and joy.  We are incredibly proud of our achievement but want to thank all our clients and WFTO as well for supporting us, we could not have achieved this milestone without all of you.

re-wrap is a not-for-profit enterprise concerned with social change and respect for the environment. Our co-operative, based in Mysore, South India, empowers marginalised women to earn a living by handcrafting sustainable textile packaging products for export. These are produced in adherence with fair trade practices. We are passionate about quality, people and the environment.

 Based in Mysore, South India, they help women earn  
  better income.
                            Photo: re-wrap

Initially re-wrap partnered with several tribal groups and co-operatives to produce a variety of handcrafted goods. Based on the success we achieved, in 2009 we took the big step of building our own co-operative in Mysore.  Since its inception our co-op has trained over 200 women in sewing and finishing textile products.  Many of the women have undergone a thorough training in sewing/finishing products and have moved on to start their own small business thereby gaining financial independence. Over 70 of the women have chosen to stay at the re-wrap co-operative where they are paid a fair wage and receive various benefits. Most noteworthy is how our co-op members have formed a self-help group and instigated their own group savings fund.  Every rupee saved by the members, is matched three times by re-wrap. The opportunity the growing fund provides to members is life changing; it enables members to take loans for educational purposes or to start up a small family business.

At the heart of our success, has been the quality of our product. Our canvas tote was created in keeping with our aim to fuse craft skills with practical contemporary design. This product has gained recognition for its deign and craftsmanship both in the UK and overseas.

 Quality is the heart of the success
 of re-wrap.            Photo: re-wrap

Amongst our clients, are the international Lush Manufacturing group and the ubiquitous Daunt Books chain. We are grateful that they recognize and appreciate our core values and we in turn are equally proud of their commitments to ethical retailing and supporting fair trade.

To celebrate our anniversary we have designed and are making a limited edition tote bag for all our clients, we will share photos of this on our blog shortly (  In addition all our co-op members and their families will go on a weekend excursion in the New Year, which will include a cinema trip, some swimming and a visit to some famous temples – activities selected by the co-op members themselves.

We certainly hope the next 10 years are as successful and fulfilling as the last.

By Anna Honeysett
re-wrap Association

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