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18 November 2009

All WFTO members are required to pass through our monitoring process, which is based on a self assessment against the 10 Principles of Fair Trade. The aim of monitoring is to check the performance of our members against the standards, in order to improve their practices and set goals for the future.

How does our monitoring process work?

Self-Assessment Reports: The Self Assessment is an internal audit tool – it provides an “x-ray” of the organisation’s practices and their commitment to Fair Trade. It is based on a standard form that members use to report on their adherence to the 10 Principles. The forms are tailored for the type of organization to ensure it asks the right questions.

For each of the 10 principles, a series of questions must be answered to gauge if an organisation operates according to the values behind the principle. Members are also required to provide evidence to support their statements, such as detailed records of payments for products and to employees, annual reports, employee policies, and strategy and action plans.

Review and Feedback: all Self Assessment Reports (SAR) are reviewed by the WFTO’s monitoring department. Their feedback helps members – many of whom are small producer cooperatives – to understand the expectations and actions required to comply. The feedback also ensures quality and consistency throughout the monitoring process. Members have one opportunity to improve their SAR based on this feedback.

Approval: the SAR and the feedback are submitted to external readers associated with expertise in Fair Trade monitoring. They review the documentation and score each member according to the 10 Principles. A member must achieve a minimum score for their SAR to be approved.

External Verification: third-party verification of Self Assessment Reports is carried out in the case of complaints or to resolve other issues regarding the SAR.
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