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11 February 2009
The World Fair Trade Organization has over 350 members from 70 countries across the globe, ranging from small producer cooperatives to large wholesalers and retailers - all committed to 100% Fair Trade.

WFTO members have exclusive access to this extraordinary network of pioneering and passionate change-makers. The network has many benefits:

Business Support Services

WFTO membership provides access to the business support services offered by some of our members as well as other respected global organisations. For example, members have access to Shared Interest's Financial Services for Producers. Shared Interest provides a Clearing House for credit, advance payments and various financial services to producers, enabling them to grow their business at favourable rates.

Supply and Demand

One of the most popular features of the WFTO members' only website is its Supply & Demand section, where anyone seeking Fair Trade goods can post a demand notice. The WFTO has a reputation as a reliable source of Fair Trade products, and many of these requests come from outside our membership. Members can also advertise their products here.

Learning and Development

WFTO members have specialist marketing experience and expertise to share. Every year, the WFTO brings members together for inspiration and learning at its Global and Regional conferences. In 2009, the Global Conference will be held in Nepal. There, its Mohammed Islam Artisan Recognition Award will be given to encourage, recognize and reward creativity in product development.

Encouraging Regional Initiatives

WFTO members have demonstrated the effectiveness of regional cooperation as a strategy for accessing markets. For instance, via the Asia Fair Trade Forum, Asian members regularly exhibit at regional Trade Fairs such as the Bangkok International Gift Fair. Regional conferences provide the venue for building these partnerships.
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