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The WFTO logo is for organisations who demonstrate a 100% commitment to Fair Trade in all their business activities. Only monitored WFTO members are authorized to use the logo.

Launched in 2004 at the World Social Forum in India, the logo shows that an organisation follows the WFTO's 10 Principles of Fair Trade , covering working conditions, transparency, wages, the environment, gender equity and more.

The WFTO logo is not a product mark - it is used to brand organisations that are committed to 100% Fair Trade. It sets them apart from commercial as well as other Fair Trade businesses, and provides a clear signal to retailers, partners, governments and donors that their core activity is Fair Trade.

The WFTO is currently developing a label for independent third-party certified Fair Trade Organizations as part of the Sustainable Fair Trade Management System (SFTMS). The SFTMS was originally designed for marginalised producers currently not catered for by the Fairtrade Certification system, which was designed for commodity products. Due to the variety and complexity of handcrafts, for example, a product standard is technically difficult to apply. The SFTMS provides an alternative that will verify that an organisation practices Fair Trade in all its activities. Once certified, the organisation will be able to use the label on all its products.

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